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    Kurt Westgaard, a trailblazer in skimboarding, made his mark in the '70s with unparalleled skills and creativity. The inaugural winner of "The Vic," he set the stage for modern skimboarding with innovations like the 'Widdle' and 'Westi-loop.' Known for his competitive spirit, Westgaard's influence on the sport's identity is undeniable. With his prowess in big airs and mastering challenging waves, he's a key figure in skimboarding history, shaping its competitive edge and technical evolution. "DW"

    Kurt Westgaard

    Kurt Westgaard is an American professional skimboarder and a pioneer in the sport of skimboarding. He began riding waves on a skimboards in the 1970s and quickly became known for his skills and creativity on the board. He was the first winner of “The Vic” consider the most prestigious competition in the world that is put on by Victoria Skimboards. He was one of the first riders to develop modern skimboarding tricks like the ‘Widdle” or “Westi-loop” and was instrumental in the development of the sports identity and epitomized the fierce competitive nature of the sport in the 70,s & 80’s.

    Kurt Westgaard has competed in many professional skimboarding competitions and would have won multiple World Skimboarding Championships if they existed. He is also known for his big airs (triple flips), wave riding skills set in large shorebreak as well as at the wedge in newport beach. He is considered one of the most influential riders in the history of the sport.

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