About Nick Hernandez

    Nick Hernandez, a pioneer in skimboarding from the SoLag crew near Aliso Beach in the '80s, is celebrated for his dynamic wraps and competitive spirit. Renowned for his versatility in the sport and as the innovator of the "Widdle," Nick also shines as a musician, leading the band Common Sense with his talents.

    Nick Hernandez

    Nick Hernandez is one of the pioneers of skimboarding. Growing up above Aliso Beach in the eighties, he was part of the SoLag crew. Known for his stylish wraps and fierce competitiveness, Nick was one of the most versatile skimmers of his time, excelling on both coasts. He was an exceptional skimboarder in small waves and a pioneer of the wedge side wash, as well as an innovator of the “Widdle.” Nick is also a very talented and successful musician, as the lead singer of Common Sense.

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